29 December 2010

Season's Summation - Autumn 2010

by 17:19
Winter is the coldest season of the year in temperate climate, between autumn and spring. At the winter solstice, the days are shortest and the nights are longest, with days lengthening as the season progresses after the solstice. -Wikipedia
They forgot to mention Winter also entails snow-car pileups, grounded aircrafts, transportation crisis, strikes, billions of dollars loss, corporations tearing their hair out, the world ending, all while plunging further into the "minus" region deeper with every passing year.

Man, just what does January have in store for those poor bastards in the Northern hemi?

As you might not (already) know, I've returned to continue my semester, early last month. So it's back to paper-pushing and researching while rushing for the deadlines. Seems like my precious sleep time will be horribly murdered, sliced, spliced and diced (again).
Thankfully, our dean and lecturers agreed they desperately need a break from us wild undergraduates causing mayhem on campus once in awhile, so we've gone onto a 2 week Christmas hiatus. So if you've noticed my Twitter wasn't exactly up-to-date at times previously, apologies for that. Must remember to use Twitter more often...

It seems like only yesterday when I wrote the Summer version of this, and we're now only hours away from the new year. Funny how time passes by ever so fast, even if it it only has a 1-second interval of time stoppage.
Just where did my snooze alarm function go?!

Anyway, lets cut to the chase.
Same thing as Summer, here's Winter's overall grade;

The return and resurrection of older titles has been overwhelming. With 6 sequels/continuations, everyday was bliss. A few originals here and there but interesting nonetheless. Also, every title has used CG in some way, which is no surprise for the rest of this year as well. As ugly as it may seems, it's a necessary to speed up production.
Unfortunately, many shows abruptly ended this month and waaaay to many if I may say so. Only a couple of brave shows had the courage and will to trudge through the cold and into the icy months ahead.

Some personal opinions on what went down in Winter's lineup with, again, bold ORENJI on those particularity worth watching;
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