17 November 2010

Simmoned Figures #6 - GSC Nendoroid Yuki Miku 「ねんどろいど 雪ミク」

by 10:45

It's certainly been awhile since I've last posted anything regarding bootlegs, many thanks to RL issues one can handle at a time.

But I've re-realized the importance of such fakes that are out there to swindle and part our hard-earned muulah for a fake product. GSC too as come to the same conclusion as they've posted the latest info about a fake product of theirs circulating online auction sites and from privates sales.

Remember kids; if you're gonna spend on something, at least be sure of what exactly you're spending on.

So our bootleg this time is Nendoroid Yuki Miku (WF2010 Winter Limited Edition).
As this was an exclusive, those whom managed proxy services or purchased on-site (at Sapporo or WF2010, if memory serves) would have gotta their hands on genuine goodies. Sales after that are at buyers own risk, so be aware of news on limited manufacturing of such products.

Threat Level: 5/5
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