29 September 2010

Season's Summation - Summer 2010

by 19:00
Summer's sweltering heat can only last for so long, before the chilly winds and typhoons of Autumn blow it away. The time for Aki (秋/Autumn) to step in has come, bringing out the best of colours from the trees and plants before it starts shedding. So, start putting away those summer uniforms and bikinis, and bring out those winter uniforms and overalls as we brace for another cool season.....

Summer was rather quiet for me, as it gave me some time to be nostalgic and reminisce about my childhood (for some reason). Been watching oldies and classics like "Cardcaptor Sakura" (this is the part where you jeer and laugh at me. Go on) while catching up with some other titles as well.
And yes, Sakura is still my No.1 'mahou shoujo' in terms of story, personality and history. Safe to say my childhood wouldn't be complete without her.

Maybe now's a good time to step back and rewatch some of our old favourites before Autumn's lineup?

Meanwhile, I wish I could take a huge leap back into time and start on my "already completed" projects much earlier, and avoid "the worst 3 days of my life" scenario from ever happening again....

Thankfully, my first semester is ending, giving yours truly a well-deserved 1 month break from coding and reading. Then maybe I can catch up with some of my backlogged posts and news to share with everyone....

The same MO for previous Spring's evaluation.
Now for summer's overall grade;
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