07 May 2010

Seiyuu Comparisons - Spring 2010 (#5)

by 04:18
My current expression as I realize how much I have to go before I finish P3 FES.
And that doesn't include the 121hours already spent on P4
But who cares, as I ready myself to further shorten my lifespan again, with P5 is in the works xD
So it's May, and we're almost reaching the half-way mark of Spring 2010 season. So far, the most promising shows are Arakawa, Tatami Galaxy, Giant Killing and K-ON!!

What? K-ON!! ain't a good enuf? It's just another series part of the moe-blob that's running around?
Well, fark you very much, and GTFO that way ---->

I'm part of the "Y" generation, and yes, I love music, as much as to sticking my earphones in my ears 24/7.
Despite how skeptical and critical of the blob, I'm making this show an exception =)
With the slice-of-sch-life scene, music and moe here and there, I'm a victim of my own words.
Mio is another reason for watching too, unlike some people who defected over to the Azunyan faction, which I'm part of as well xD

Anyways, here's #5 of May as I pluck a few more faces and plaster them onto this post. Quite tempted to put more comparisons, but then I'd run out of stuff to post of the coming 2 month. But I might as well add a couple more from Winter 2010 next time, so I'll leave that aside for now. Enjoy. 

Seiyuu Comparisons - Spring 2010 
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[Fujiwara Keiji]
Kappa                                                                  Ali Al Saachez

Still playing that "bad-ass-I-dont-give-a-damn" character. Quite recognizable fortunately. But Kappa is really funny at times, unlike Saachez.

[Sugita Tomokazu]
Hoshi                                                                           Kyon

Oh Kyon, you're dream has come true; to be a star. Literally
Hoshi is really fun to watch with so many expressions, especially that confession box scene ^^

[Koyasu Takehito]
Sister/Brother                                                                Mu La Flaga

This veteran is still active, fortunately. His voice is very familiar to those who have watched the older animes, as he pops up in quite a lot of shows as sub-characters. Like "Kururu" in "Keroro Gunso" for example =D
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