22 January 2010

Winter 2010 Highlights - with Seiyuu casted Characters

by 11:43
For Winter 2010, there are only 19 new show to watch compared to 36 in the same period as last year

Many might see this as a bad thing but it ain't really that bad. Having too many like last year was just too much on my miserable schedule. But 19 is a bit short rite?

Quality over Quantity

Hopefully, this is true as I plan to set my mind to endure the lack of shows this season.
So far, its been proving true for me...

Have vampires become all the rage nowadays?
First Vampire Knight, then Twilight saga, Cirque de freak and Bakemono?

But quite impressive as the first episode was really a new way of an introduction to a series.

Starting from a reality show to a fight scene on the roof while viewing it all from the perspective of the in-show audience.

A gothic and dark loli is nice for a change though.

Yuuki Aoi
 - Noel Kannagi (Sora-no-woto)

  Nakamura Yuuichi
 - Alto (Macross F)
-Tomoya (Clannad)

 Saitou Chiwa
- Senjougahara Hitagi (Bakemono)

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