29 April 2010

K-ON!! Goes Home!

by 04:42

Like most high school life scenes, the annual field trip to various cultural parts of Japan, which most Japanese have never been to unless for a good reason, has begun.

So K-ON!! goes home to Kyoto, where the production company, Kyoto Animation is based.
Ironically, KyoAni is located on the outskirts of Kyoto, which is Uji, but still within the Kyoto Prefecture.

As expected of a company which is based in Kyoto, one must live up to the expectations of great artworks and backdrops of various Kyoto scenes, which are quite impressive throughout the episode. The last time they did something like this was Lucky Star ^^

Like all field trips. we start off any with packing up of necessary belongings;

Simmoned Figures #2 - Nendoroido Saber Lily 「ねんどろいど セイバー・リリィ」

by 00:01

So, whats so scary about counterfeits anyway? Its just a near/phailed replica of the genuine item. Well, apart from the loss of sales and VERY OBVIOUS low quality production, whats so bad about it?

Its because quality fakes are out there

Near perfect replicas that appear normal to the unaware potential customer, ready to deceive us all. And no one wants to pay for something when we can get the original at the same price. In other words, near-perfect replicas are scary, as I spotted a few (okay, not few, ALOT!) during my last visit to HK.

As I entered a certain noticeable shop, packed from the floor to the ceiling with nendoroids and merchandises in HK, I was almost duped into buying a 2nd Saber Lily nendoroid. The counterfeit was shockingly perfect, but one good look at the packaging and figure would tell any avid collector it was fake. The average market pricing for each of the nendoroids in the shop had lead me astray, as I thought everything was original, but alas, pirates are always out there to fish for our wallets.

Luckily, GSC noticed this counterfeit going around and decided to highlight it, much to my delight to share with other collectors and promote awareness of such fake goods.

Here's the Fake Nendoroid Saber Lily~!

Threat Level : 4/5

22 April 2010

Simmoned Figures #1 - Nendoroido Hatsune Miku 「ねんどろいど 初音ミク」

by 13:56
 (I hope this pic doesn't violate any copyr. issues)

I was poking around GSC's site when I came across some interesting articles, particularly this one; concerning fake figurines creeping around in the market.(It seems that this "simmon" meme is here to stay ^^,)

Looking at how they are poorly done, it kinda irked me, as well as GSC, (alot of things have irked me this month, huh?) to think there are people who would actually bother making useless "simmoned" pieces of plastic.

But then again, I expect no less from the country where everything in the world is "made in China", from shoes to LV bags and now; horrendous simmoned figures. So, from time to time, I'll highlight some faux figures on GSC

(note; original context is in Japanese. I do not take credit for the comparison done, simply translating the actual context for English readers with added comments of my own)

Starting with a figure we're all familiar with (and re-runned 3 times already), Nendoroid Hatsune Miku!!!

Threat Level : 3/5

13 April 2010

Seiyuu Comparisons - Spring 2010 (#4)

by 01:21
BRS is finally animated?
Danny's mascot gets an anime debut?
HOTD has finally un-hiatus and now animated?
Baka test S2 given the green light?
Spring really is the mark of new beginnings...

A few weeks back, I tried to remember why did I make this type of post in the first place, using pictures of characters instead of the actual seiyuu face. Then it hit me...

Its because people are ignorant of who the actual seiyuu is...

Unfortunately, it's a lot easier to remember the characters face than to distinguish them from their voices alone, such is the way the human brain works, recognizing visuals instead of vocals alone. Which is why voice actors are less appreciated and taken for granted. This kinda irks me from time to time, especially with 'people' claiming to be otakus but don't even know the seiyuus names. I'll leave the trolling of that definition for another post, as we move on to the main content of this month's comparisons.

Apart from dreaming of meeting Danny Choo in London at his home (for some reason), this season's lineup has it's ups and downs. Week 1 has barely passed, but I'm still hopeful of how things will turn out. It's week 1 after all.With the moe blob rolling along, I can't help but realize the lack of GAR and action shows, which I miss for some reason. Guess the industry moves to where the demand is? If so, this is a sad, sad reality...

[Tamura Yukari]
Yamada                                            Takamchi Nanoha

From elite officer to high school slut? Our poor Nanoha has fallen from grace...

I can see the ending already though; she doesn't get laid...

[Abe Atsushi]
Kosuda Takashi                             Kamijo Toma

His voice was too familiar to go unnoticed. But still unlucky in a sense. Fukou da...

[Noto Mamiko]
Kosuda Kazuki                                   Kuronoma Sawako

Didn't noticed her disguised voice at all. Must be the stereotyping of her voice in my head for the past 25 episodes in Kimitodo.
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