07 August 2009

Fate/stay Night Movie~! "Unlimited Blades Work" Arc Summary~!

by 01:18
For those who have no idea what "Fate/stay Night" is, please press "backspace" on your keyboard now to know more...

Fate/stay Night, a series adapted from the manga, was produced with 24 episodes by Type-moon studios. Following the aftermath of this hit, the name of this show still lives on in the merchandises that have yet to come (or already available).

After selling other games such as "Fate/hollow ataraxia" and "Fate/tiger colosseum", Type-moon has announced, according to Sankaku, that a movie is in the works for Fate/stay night.

Little is known about the movie, except for the release date, which is set to grace viewers on the 23rd of January of 2010, and that it covers the "Unlimited Blades Works" arc.

Now, don't be confused as it is NOT a adaptation of the series to a movie. Fate/stay night has multiple endings one can take using 3 arcs.

Fate/stay night (series) uses the Fate arc.
Fate/stay night (movie) uses the Unlimited Blade Works arc

They are almost identical but very different in a way. So I shall explain in a way even an idiot could understand (this assumes that he/she has already watch the Fate series)

Please stop reading here if you do not wish to have the excitement taken away from you when it DOES come out.

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